All You Need to Know About Volunteering


So what is volunteering? The most basic definition is to work for an organisation, unpaid.

At Mary Ann we have a massive volunteer force of over 250 volunteers. These people work in our shops, in the Hospice itself, helping patients or raising vital funds for the Hospice. Their work is vital to allowing us to continue our charitable work.


Volunteering Where to Start

So you’re interested in volunteering – which is an amazing start! The first thing to think about is, do you have a skill or a passion for something that would benefit Mary Ann? Maybe you’re excellent with customers and would be great in one of our shops? Do you make an awesome cup of tea and love chatting with people?

It doesn’t matter if you think you have skills or not, you just need enthusiasm to help out and to be part of the team. You will also have to be over 18 years old to volunteer at Mary Ann.

If you’re now super interested then give us a call on 02476 865440. We will do our best to find a volunteering role just for you.


Why Volunteering is Important

Simple, as a charitable organisation, we wouldn’t be able to function without you. It would be too much of a financial burden to do the work without volunteers. At Mary Ann our volunteers do something incredible, which means that we can put our funds into our patient care.

Unfortunately, there isn’t enough money in the world to keep all charitable organisations doing the amazing work they do. This is why volunteering is so important. Without you, there wouldn’t be these amazing organisations to help people in need. That is why it is so important.


What does Volunteering do for You?

When you give your time for a good cause, it means that you are a part of something more. This means that you are giving something back to your community and are becoming an important part of your community.

To be a volunteer is to be part of a team of people, who do something because they genuinely care about what that cause does or means. That is incredible!



How Does Volunteering Help Mental Health?

We live in a society that moves at 100 miles an hour. We are switched on and more accessible than ever. Sometimes it might feel that we can’t change anything or you might feel hopeless.

Volunteering changes the way you see society, because you begin to see how you are directly helping people in need of your help.

It can help build your self-esteem and sense of belonging. It is great to be part of a dedicated team of individuals working together for the greater good.

Find out more about how volunteering helps your mental health.


Will Volunteering Help My Career?

It certainly can help you build new skills or to gain experience in a field that you are interested in.

In terms of helping your career, volunteering can give you a valuable insight to a different career path. It can inspire and open you up to new and exciting opportunities that you might not have had before.



Volunteering is a massive benefit not only to you, but to the organisation that you are offering to help.

At Mary Ann we appreciate all of our volunteers and the amazing work that they do. Thanks to their time and dedication we are able to deliver the top quality care that our service users need.

Has this article inspired you to volunteer? Call us now to find out about our latest volunteer opportunities!

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