Voting is now closed for the Aviva Community Fund.

Thank you to all who voted!

We will keep you updated on how we did and developments to the project as it happens.

We will be setting up Carers Café in conjunction with Mary Ann Evans Hospice,
George Eliot Hospital NHS Trust, Guideposts Carer Support Service & Age UK.

The Carer’s Café will aim to get carers talking and expressing what truly matters to them.
We hope to welcome around 300 carers to the Carer’s Café in its first year and develop our services to increase the support we can provide to carers in the local community.

Although the Carer’s Café will be held at the Mary Ann Evans Hospice, all carers across the local area will be invited to attend. The wellbeing of the carer will be the main aim of the Carer’s Café.

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