Covid-19 an Update from Mary Ann

Please click here for our initial statement.

Update to services

Owing to the current uncertainty surrounding Covid-19, otherwise known as Coronavirus, pandemic all of our on-site services have been temporarily suspended. We appreciate that as we care for some of the most vulnerable within our local community the risks to our wider patient group is too great at this time to continue our normal services.

To respond to the crisis and those most in need at home we have stepped up all of our efforts within the community alongside South Warwickshire NHS Foundation Trust. So to ensure as many people as possible receive a Rapid Response to their calls for help we have boosted our Rapid Response Service to a 24 hour access service to now include the Nuneaton and Bedworth areas in addition to rural north Warwickshire .

Should you have an emergency linked to palliative care please contact our Rapid Response service 07584 557366 and we will do our very best to assist you.

Current Coronavirus information link

This is the current NHS advice on Coronavirus including symptoms and what to do. Please follow all current advice supplied by the government to create a safer community for us all.  Here you can find advice for all, including those at higher risk, symptoms and self-isolation advice.

Update on PPE situation

We are using up our supplies of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) rapidly, if you have any of the following that you could donate to Mary Ann, please call us on 02476 865440 or email

  • Safety Goggles
  • Water Repellant Surgical Masks
  • Long Aprons
  • Nitrile disposable gloves (all sizes)
  • Disposable aprons
  • Face masks
  • ADD Visors

Support Rapid Response Appeal (Make a Donation)

In these uncertain times we now more than ever need our local community. With the expansion of our rapid response service we find ourselves in need of new sources of funding as we see our usual revenue streams closed off. We have set up a fundraising target of £250,000 – which sounds like a lot, but if every adult in northern Warwickshire were to donate the price of a cup of coffee we would easily surpass this goal. So if you can support us, please head over to our JustGiving Appeal and donate to help keep #YourLocalHospice working hard to protect the most vulnerable in our community.