Our not so intrepid explorers are back! We managed to get all of their busy schedules to coincide to join us at the Hospice for a spot of tea and cake.

They also got a rousing chat from our Clinical Development Lead.  Explaining how the money they are raising will be being used. Thom also fedback how our Rapid Response Daytime (Pilot) Scheme is being received in the community.

So far this brilliant bunch have gotten £56,000 pledged. Which is a phenomenal effort! We cant even begin to express our gratitude to our explorers and their supporters.

Our Trustees, Dr. Peter Handslip and John Barrett, are continuing their efforts along with the rest of the group. They have a whole host of fundraising events discussing their escapades to come.


The continued effort of our Trustees, supporters and community are what keeps #YourLocalHospice going. Without you we wouldn’t be here. So it’s great personal feats and positive uplifiting experiences that allow us to continue the vital work we do. Thank you to everyone.