International Nurses Day Interview – Kayleigh Rose

International Nurses Day marks the birth of Florence Nightingale on 12th May 1820. To mark the day our nurses have given us their time to give some insights into their roles.

To get us started we sat down and spoke with Kayleigh Rose, Staff Nurse at Mary Ann.

Tell me a little bit about yourself

I am a staff nurse with 9 years experience, I have 3 children and a husband called Gren. I worked over at George Eliot Hospital for 5 years before moving to Mary Ann having little to no palliative experience.

What made you decide to become a palliative care nurse?

I was looking after end-of-life patients in GEH and felt that the patients were overlooked most of the time. I saw some good and bad deaths. I wanted to make a change and to stop bad deaths from occuring.

How does your role cover both mental and physical health of patients?

Within my roles I am able to holistically look after all of my patients and carers. See both physical and mental needs, we have time to spend working on all issues that present themselves.

Which parts of your job do you like the most and why?

Being able to help patients with any issues they have. Enabling patients to have a dignified death and anabling them to live well with all.

Which parts of your job do you find the hardest and why?

Losing patients quickly and not being able to get resources in place. Gaining a rapport with families then have nothing to do with them once they have lost a loved one.

What is the one thing that stands out that your job has taught you?

Given the time, I do have the knowledge to advise and help any end-of-life patient. I am able to lead and work alone from time to time. I am able to let people go without feeling that I have to save everyone.

Do you have any advice for those wanting to become a palliative care nurse?

Be prepared to learn and grow. You can’t win them all but take thse wins gracefully. Be prepared to feel the loss of each patient but use your team to reflect and learn.

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