Manor Court Surgery Fasters held a sponsored fast, based on the Ramadan fasting tradition. In May of 2020. At the Manor Court Surgery in Nuneaton. Not a crumb passed Laura, Hollie, Donna, Lynn or Tracey’s lips for 18 and a half hours. They finally broke their fast with some traditional eats cooked by other members of the team who are celebrating Ramadan.

  • The super fasters at Manor Court Surgery raised £1300 doing a Ramadan style fast.
  • They smashed their initial target of £200 by over six-times!
  • They chose to support Mary Ann because of the work that we do in the local community.

When fundraisers smash their targets as successfully as this we can only say a huge thank you to everyone. To the team that was involved with the challenge. Also to all of their supporters. When we see the generosity of our hometown, and surrounding areas, in action we can only feel thoroughly grateful to everyone for their generosity.

Thomas Allison of Mary Ann Evans Hospice, arranged for the fasters to present team members with a cheque, at a socially distanced presentation. So that their fantastic acheivements could be acknowledged.

If this has inspired you to join Team Mary Ann and fundraise for us, please see our JustGiving page for more information on how to fundraise for us.