This is a tribute page set to honour my sister Marianne Goolding aged 35.

Marianne was like my shadow growing up! She was born 2 years after me – almost to the day – so she wouldn’t even let me have a birthday by myself!! We were as different as chalk and cheese – Marianne was small, I’m tall. She came across as shy whereas I can come across as confident, Marianne liked all things sweet while I prefer savoury. Even our music tastes were at opposite sides of the spectrum!! But our ‘Yin and Yang’ differences just made us into a whole, and we loved each other fiercely.

Marianne was born with a condition called Turner’s Syndrome and was never expected to survive more than a few days. But she did. She never gave up and spent her life overcoming the difficulties and challenges that came with the Turner’s Syndrome. Marianne was one of the bravest  and most determined people I have ever known and she is still an inspiration to me today. She’s the reason I do my job and she’s the reason I live, laugh and love as much as I can.

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