It’s not often today that you see photos printed or even presented before you. In today’s fast-paced digital world people take out their phones and point, click and send it to the cloud. That wasn’t the case for Paul Barton, a Mary Ann Day Hospice patient, who has chronicled his sixteen week programme with the Hospice.

We had the pleasure of sitting with Paul and discussing his inspiration behind the production of his wonderful memory book, entitled ‘Day at Hospice’ Paul had hoped to encompass everyone you might meet and everything you might do in a day at the Hospice. He wanted to create the book to express how ‘thankful’ he was to the Hospice team for everything they have done for him.

Paul went on further to explain how he first felt isolated and lonely at the Day Hospice, that it was a difficult first few weeks. However that gradually changed as he began to feel part of the group and met some wonderful people. It helped him feel part of what was happening around him and he was full of praise for the team and the efforts of everyone at the hospice.

We had great pleasure discussing his love of Leicester City and he told us how he doesn’t believe that ‘the miracle’ will be recreated but he is happy that Leicester are bringing through young talented players. It was later revealed that Paul is a massive Northern Soul fan.

‘I would go to the games, home or away, and then drive to Wigan to dance all night.’

It was an absolute pleasure to meet and chat with Paul. He is great company and a wonderful example of the fantastic people we have come and visit the Hospice on a daily basis. Thank you so much to Paul for his beautiful memory book and his wonderfully kind words about the Day Hospice.