Are you in a good place?

At Mary Ann we are here, ready to have those conversations. This week (02/05/2022 - 06/05/2022) is Dying Matters Awareness Week which aims to increase the understanding of death, dying and bereavement but also to prompt people to have the conversations with their friends and family.

The focus of 2022 is about being in a good place to die. That could be physically, emotionally, financially, spiritually or digitally.

Where people die is changing. More than ever people want the opportunity to choose where they die and the pandemic has only seen this increase.

Mary Ann have enabled people to choose where they die for over 30 years. Our hospice beds are in your homes and our team will come to you.

We have a team ready to have conversations with you and your family before, during and after experiences of death, dying and bereavement. We can offer support in person or virtually for both children as well as adults.

This week for Dying Matters week, we want you to start to think about being in a good place to die. What are you already certain about?

Each day we will focus on a different theme to ensure you can be in a good place when you die.

being in a good place digitally

Being in a good place digitally when you die means considering the digital legacy you will leave behind.

being in a good place financially

Being in a good place financially before you die does not mean you have to have lots of money. It simply means your affairs are clear and concise for the executor of your will to understand.

Being in a good place physically

Being in a good place physically when you die means giving thought to your end of life care.

Being in a good place spiritually

Being in a good place spiritually when you die is about understanding and expressing what has given your life meaning.

Being in a good place emotionally

Being in a good place emotionally when you die is an element that runs throughout all the ‘places’. Knowing that you are safe, in a setting that makes you feel content with your affairs in order gives you peace of mind.

There are lots of great Dying Matters literature from Hospice UK.

Below you can download the PDF of various brochures to get you and your loved ones #InAGoodPlace with dying, death and grief.

things to do before you die

A practical guide to all of the things you need to do before you die.

supporting bereavement

Death is a very difficult subject to talk about. Find out how to support someone through a bereavement with this useful leaflet.

lets talk about dying

Dying Matters goal is to build our confidence in being able to talk about the difficult things, like death and dying. Here is some invaluable advice about how to get the conversation started.

Talking about dying with people affected by dementia

Providing end of life care for people with dementia is a key part of delivering good quality care but many people put things off until it’s too late, often missing opportunities that could lead to improved quality of life.

Talking about dying with Children

We can’t protect children from death. They encounter it all the time – whether it’s a mouse brought in by the cat or a grandparent dying. At an early age, they can form their own beliefs around it.

Our services

Mary Ann Evans Hospice strives to enhance the quality of life of people living with a life limiting illness. Staff can help to address problems with symptom management and the physical, psychological and emotional issues associated with a life limiting illness, as well as provide support and guidance with financial or social concerns and spiritual care.

We’re here to help, find out more about us

The Mary Ann Evans Hospice is your local community hospice whose aim is to provide specialised care, support and advice to patients and their families when living with a life limiting illness.

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