Statement of Purpose


The Mary Ann Evans Hospice is a Warwickshire Adult Hospice, caring mainly for patients who live in the north of the county, but also some patients from South Leicestershire, the East of Birmingham and Coventry. As an independent charity we provide clinical, nursing, care and support to patients, with cancer and other life limiting illnesses, and their families. We work closely with our community and hospital colleagues from the NHS, Social Services, local Care Homes and other voluntary providers.

NB: During the COVID-19 crisis we have adapted our service provision to care and support any patient who can be safely cared for within the community. We will work alongside our NHS colleagues helping to relieve pressures on the acute services (updated 17.06.20).

Our care is unconditional, non-judgemental and provided free of charge to, regardless of creed, ethnic origin or social background.

The Mary Ann Evans Hospice cares about:

  • PEOPLE – Patients, families, staff, volunteers, our community and our professional colleagues
  • QUALITY  – We strive for excellence in everything we do
  • FAIRNESS – We believe in equity of treatment and will be non-judgemental of others.  We will not accept discrimination in any form
  • TEAMS – We will recognise that we are a multi team organisation and everyone has a key role in the success of our mission. We will have respect for each other and will manage differences of opinion
  • PROFESSIONALISM – We will respect the professionalism of our colleagues and will ensure we maintain our professional standards and qualifications
  • ENVIRONMENT – We will strive to provide the best possible environment for our patients and families and working conditions for staff and volunteers.  We will try to be eco-friendly

CQC provider identification number: 1-149412644

Responsible Individual
Elizabeth Hancock – Chief Executive

Registered Manager
Kay Greene – Director of Clinical Services
Director of Patient Services

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