Mary Ann’s Fundraising Superheroes raise a heroic amount for Your Local Hospice


Across the last few weeks we have seen two awesome challenges completed by Mary Ann supporters! We have been the chosen charity for both Enya Tabram and Emmie Maycock and their respective challenges. Between them they have raised a fantastic amount for Mary Ann Evans and have certainly earned their places on Team Mary Ann!

Enya’s Stair Climb – July 17th 2020

Enya is no stranger to the work of Mary Ann Evans. Enya herself is a Rapid Response Nurse who works for South Warwickshire NHS Foundation Trust. They are the team that alongside ourselves provides Community Care 24/7 across all of North Warwickshire and beyond. If you would like to support their efforts please see our JustGiving page.

Enya had this to say about why she wanted to raise money for Mary Ann:

“Hi I’m Enya, a Rapid Response Sister with South Warwickshire NHS Foundation Trust. We work in collaboration with Mary Ann Evans Hospice to deliver end of life care out in the community 24/7.

  • This summer I’m taking on the 100 to 100K challenge for Mary Ann! By climbing the height of Africa’s most famous mountain, Mount Kilamajaro.

  • That’s 38,650 steps in 3 days, 12 hours of going up and down steps each day. The lockdown climb will be on site at The Warren building at Mary Ann.

  • Whilst funding for the NHS has been safeguarded, funding for Mary Ann isn’t guaranteed. I want to help our collaborative partners to be able to continue the amazing work we do together.

Thanks for stopping by and help me reach my £1,000 goal and let’s achieve something amazing!”

We want to thank Enya for her generosity and amazing acheivement. With these kinds of supporters then we know that we can keep on spreading the good work of Mary Ann even further into our local communities.

Thank you Enya!

Support Enya’s acheivement on JustGiving.

Emmie’s Wing Walk – August 5th 2020

Emmie Maycock is a keen supporter of Mary Ann as her close family have been part of the Mary Ann family and used our Hospice services. Her desire to raise money and shout about the Mary Ann cause is inspirational! She bravely strapped herself to the wing of a plane and defied gravity to raise money for Your Local Hospice.

Emmie, who contacted us shortly after completing her wing walk, had this to say about her experience:

“I’m still a bit lost for words as it was so amazing and breathtaking to be up there, doing that. But something I know I can say is that without the carers, nurses, Izzy, without your day hospice, hospice at home and family support, our family would have been far worse off. I couldn’t have asked for better people to have helped love and care for the people I love and cared for. No amount of money I could rise would make up for what you guys have done. And definitely what you are continuing to do for me now. Anyone who is thinking of doing any kind of event, I would advise them to go through it. Any thrill or test is exciting, but more so when you know it’s going to help other families.

I’ve got to say a special thank you, firstly to Jean for keeping my Grandad on his toes. And Jean, when you came to the house during nans battle and asked to see Nans much loved garden so you’d seen everything he beamed about, that meant the world. Also to Izzy for helping me week in and week out and understanding me better than I understand myself lately. To all of the wonderful nurses who sat by my side, reminding me to eat and drink and see sunlight whilst they did everything they could to help my Nan during the last weeks of her fight.

But honestly, you are all the most incredible kind of people.”

Thank you Emmie for everything!

Support Emmie and her Wing Walk on JustGiving.