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Our predominantly Volunteer led support service

Volunteers help in the Wellbeing Centre, in the Hospice Shops, in the Fundraising Department and at fundraising events. Volunteers have a wide range of roles to help us – for example, by providing transport for patients to and from the Hospice, as well as driving the Hospice van to and from our shops with goods, help in the garden and offer bereavement support.

Wellbeing centre

The Wellbeing Centre offers a safe, secure and comfortable environment for people with life limiting illnesses to discuss concerns with a healthcare professional, and a space to meet other people who are living with a similar illness to themselves and who are experiencing similar concerns. 

Virtual Programme

The virtual programme facilitates a platform where patients and staff can see each other via video conference. This allows patients support from staff and a way for them to socialise and share if they feel comfortable enough in that scenario. We offer practical dietetic advice, planning and discussions around future care, how to manage your fatigue including strategies for pacing yourself. We work together encouraging you to remain as independent as possible so as to enhance patient wellbeing. 

Complementary Therapy

There are many reasons why people choose to use complementary therapies. Some people find that they help them cope with the stresses of illness such as cancer and its treatments. Many therapies are relaxing and may improve your mood when you are not feeling your best. We provide many different therapies. 

Carer’s Café

Carer’s Café facilitates a meeting place to support people who are caring for someone with a life limiting illness. A place where they can meet others in the same position as themselves, allowing them an opportunity to share concerns and gain helpful insights. 

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Telephone: 024 7686 5433


We accept referrals from General Practitioners, Consultants, or other healthcare professionals and also self-referrals.

Our services

Mary Ann Evans Hospice strives to enhance the quality of life of people living with a life limiting illness. Staff can help to address problems with symptom management and the physical, psychological and emotional issues associated with a life limiting illness, as well as provide support and guidance with financial or social concerns and spiritual care.

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The Mary Ann Evans Hospice is your local community hospice whose aim is to provide specialised care, support and advice to patients and their families when living with a life limiting illness.

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