Meet Our Marathon Runners – Part 2:

On the Run up to the 2022 London Marathon, we wanted to introduce you to our runners and the motivations behind them supporting Mary Ann.

Simon Pietrzyk

“I would like to run on behalf of MAEH as support from the BNI group we are involved with. The fund would be raised through additional businesses from the BNI and also through my other business connections, plus friends and family.

Sponsor Simon at: Simon Pietrzyk is fundraising for Mary Ann Evans Hospice (

Hannah Taylor

“I’ve always wanted to run the London marathon but always needed a huge motivation. I’m a keen runner and have done half marathons in past.

I lost my dad (John Wischhusen) last year and the care of Mary Ann during Covid for my dad has inspired me to give something back!

So there it is, my huge motivation. My thankyou for caring for my dad and knowing I can raise money to help other families who are going through the hardest thing I did!!”

Sponsor Hannah at: Hannah Taylor is fundraising for Mary Ann Evans Hospice (

Ian Looms

“I want to run the London marathon as a challenge to myself as personal fitness and health is something I want to work on. If I can complete this challenge and raise £2500 for Mary Ann Evans then this would be amazing as they are such an important local charity to me.

As the managing Director of a company I would raise the money through business contacts and sponsorship, advertising on the company website and Linked-in and Facebook.

This is such a big challenge and great opportunity I would want everyone to know I was doing it, Im sure that £2500 would be more than achievable in sponsorship. .”

Sponsor Ian at: Ian Looms is fundraising for Mary Ann Evans Hospice (

Martin Hosmer

“I would like to run the London marathon as both a challenge to myself and also to help support your charity. In terms of raising the £2500, I think this will be a challenge within itself, I would do this by asking friends, family and local businesses for support. I would also need to think of other ways to raise some of the money and would be grateful of any help and ideas you can suggest. ”

Sponsor Martin at: Martin Hosmer is fundraising for Mary Ann Evans Hospice (


Our Corporate Sponsors for the London Marathon 2022 are Loveitts, Wiofy Ltd, Full Circle Events LTD , Devall & Son.

For Volunteering opportunities please Contact Us. 

If you would like to donate Click Here.

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