A Thank You from Mary Ann

On the afternoon of Wednesday 16th of October, two of our Board of Trustees, Mr. John C Barrett and Dr. Peter Handslip, arrived at Everest Base Camp safe and sound. They had encouraged, cajoled and joined together a team of twenty intrepid explorers – most of whom were from the medical community – in support of the Mary Ann Evans Hospice.

They set themselves an ambitious fundraising goal and have set about this with an unabashed zeal to aid our new Rapid Response daytime pilot scheme in North Warwickshire. (More information is available on our website https://www.maryannevans.org.uk/rapid-response-launch/) We have only had the scheme up and running for a few months but the feedback we have received about the service has been heart-warming.

The fact that we have two such loyal members of our Board of Trustees, that they would put themselves on the line and trek to the base camp of the world’s most famous mountain, shows just how lucky we are. It also illustrates the vital work that we as a charity do. We might not have instagrammable food content or be able to have viral video after video on you-tube, but we are there when you need us and we are free of charge.

This year has been a difficult year financially across the hospice community. So to have twenty persons give up their time to go the extra mile for Mary Ann is truly something worth shouting about.

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, we want to say thank you. Thank you to those twenty intrepid explorers, who have put their bodies on the line for Mary Ann Evans Hospice. Without your support, your loyalty and your love of this charity and the work we do, we would not be here. We shall continue to endeavour to be a vital cog in our community. For now and for the future we shall always be #YourLocalHospice.

Stunning Photos from A Stunning Adventure

Thoughts from Dr. Peter Handslip

Everest Base Camp Trek 2019

A huge thank you to the sponsors of the Everest Base Camp 2019, Mary Ann Evans Hospice, Type Creative, GuhringCoventry Rugby Club, Bedworth Nearly 41 Club, Bedworth Lions Club, Plant Installations Coventry and Eastcote Wealth Management. A Prayer Flag will be taken to be placed at Everest Base Camp with the logo of each sponsor.

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