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by Mary Ann Evans Hospice

Meet the Runners – Averil Caton

It has been a strange year for our London Marathon runners. Usually by this point in the year their truimph complete, we would be posting images with the big cheque and celebrating how much they have raised. However, 2020 has been a rather unusual year. The main event postponed from it’s usual April date, as the UK was in a nationwide lockdown, time is now upon us for the virtual marathon on Sunday 4th October.

This year we will be featuring our runners on our website and across our social media in their own words, and in some cases pictures, so you can offer them a bucketload of Team Mary Ann support!

Here is Averil in her own words;

“I’m looking forward to running the marathon on the 4 October….roll back two years and I would have thought this was a bad joke …I couldn’t/ wouldn’t run and didn’t really understand people who did …now I always smile to myself when I see people out running. Running is my happy pill.

As a child in games I was the one left on the playground when everyone else had been picked but I wasn’t too bad with a racquet !
In 2018 I lost quite a bit of weight, actually 6.5 stone from my heaviest. 4.5 stone was at Slimming World and it was there I was introduced to the idea of running….well I went and simply loved it for some strange reason.

I started running park run a fantastic way to spend Saturday morning, a 5k with my two children Christmas morning😊then a 10k in Richmond and then I thought next logical step London. I have done 4 halves to date.

Throughout lockdown I have kept up my running Boris said I could running 8, 10,12 then 8 over a four week cycle and increased again recently.

Yes I’m entering the virtual…i so want that medal not for me but as a sign primarily to my wonderful children the impossible is possible .🤞

On the 4th I would love to run each step and I’m being accompanied by important people in my journey…my fabulous running partner Christine Morris who is running the first half with me and she is always such a support, ( I ran my first half with her for our birthdays last year not bad for a combined age of 115….actually to run a non virtual marathon with her as my first would be the silver lining to this cloud of a Covid year )a good friend Bonnie O’Reilley, a number of slimming world friends, the group my running journey started with, a special mile with the lady Deb Pocklington who kept encouraging me to give it a go…I started on week 9 of C25K lol and the two most important people in my life have the difficult task of kicking me over the finish line.

It’s an absolute privilege to have been given a place by the Hospice their work is so valuable and I hear so many stories of how valued their service is and the brilliance and support of the team .
Along the way I have raised approximately £3000 .

A target I had along the way was to hopefully get 26 people running ….no I’m not at that number but it is well into double figures….that to me is such a great feeling that the fat kid at school who hated running and the PE day was the one I felt sick on….has actually apparently inspired others . Also their is only one person I see myself running against myself it’s very much my race my pace.”

Thank you Averil and best of luck! If you want to support Averil go onto her JustGiving Page right here: https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/Averil-Caton