Feelgood Friday

Today it’s time to celebrate some incredibly high acheivers. This Feelgood Friday blog we’re saying thank you and good luck to all of our London Marathon runners. They are all awesome champions and we hope they have a great day in London!

Thank You To Our London Marathon Runners

Thank you, quite simply, thank you. Your adventure has been a little longer and stranger than most. Your dedication to your training and to fundraising for Mary Ann has been second to none. Thank you. Remember that before you even begin you have won. Good luck, have a great race. Do your best and have fun!

Track Our Runners

If you would like to track the runners progress on Sunday morning, here are the details;

If you download the London Marathon App here: The Official App – Virgin Money London Marathon set yourself up as a supporter not a participant and then you can search the runners by name or number in the tracker section.

Here are their details;

Terry Argyle – 37781

Averil Caton – 37784

Marco Fortmann – 37783

James Steedman – 37786

Fiona Reidy – 37778

Peter Mann – 37780

Johnathan Ritchie – 37779

Gail Gunn – 37782

Kelly Hanson – 37787

Victoria Smith – 31537

Helen Harris – 3163

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