Chelsea’s Story

Mary Ann and their Services

Many people know about Mary Ann Evans Hospice. We all take for granted that we may need to call on them one day.

My mum, Joanne, was only 54 when she was diagnosed with terminal pancreatic cancer, and was given a very poor prognosis. After two failed chemotherapy attempts, we knew the time had come to move to pallative care.

I remember ringing the Hospice to start putting plans in place for my mum. At only 27 years old, its something I never expected to do, particularly this soon.

The phone call felt very emotional. The nurses sensed that and made me feel so at ease.

When the nurses came round to look after my mum, they were just amazing. They spoke to her with dignity and respect; and gave her care with compassion and sensitivity. It’s a whole other level of kindness, and in the final few days, they really were our rock.

My mum’s final wish was to go peacefully and comfortably in her own home, surrounded by family. Mary Ann ensured that happened. They helped me wash her, dress her and make her comfortable; which helped take some of the pressure away.

I remember crying one day from the exhaustion and heartache; and I said to the nurse “but I need to snap out of this and get her washed/dressed”. She kindly looked at me and said “Chelsea, all you need to do is be her daughter”. That will stay with me forever.

As a family, we can’t thank Mary Ann enough and will be forever grateful for all they did.

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