My Dad, Ian…

My beautiful Dad, Ian, was only 55 when he was diagnosed with terminal lung cancer; during the second lockdown of the COVID-19 pandemic. On diagnosis the cancer had spread to his brain, liver and lymph nodes. We were told then that he wouldn’t see through another year.

Sport Lover

My Dad was truly one of the best. He was such a fun Dad, he loved sports – especially golf, fishing and darts – and to be honest he was hard to beat at most things; much to the annoyance of those who played against him. He was kind, loving, always singing and always on the go. Dad cuddles as a little girl and then a woman were the best!

Mary Ann

Dad deteriorated and when the end was close I was desperate for some help. All I wanted was to let Dad die with no pain, and more importantly with his dignity. That’s when Mary Ann turned up and I could not describe the relief I felt when someone told me that “now I could just be a daughter and not a carer and they would take care of everything”.

Hospice at Home

In the last three days of Dad’s life we had the Hospice at Home team come in and give Dad care. Dad never liked any fuss but they joked and laughed with him so he felt comfortable. I called the amazing Rapid Response nurses out numerous times and they would come so quickly and help anytime day or night. They took Dad’s pain away, which is all we wanted, and they also helped me. I remember crying, with exhaustion and the enormity of the fact that I was losing Dad. The nurses had so much empathy and cared how we as a family were also feeling.

Thank you

My biggest thank you to Mary Ann is that Dad got his most important wish, which was to pass away peacefully at home surrounded by his family.


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