Hannah’s Marathon

For Her Dad…   For Mary Ann…

“On 2nd October, I ran the London marathon for Mary Ann Evans hospice in memory of my dad who we sadly lost to cancer in April 2020. Dad passed away at the beginning of the COVID lockdown, when everyone was forced to stay at home, and everything was closed. It was an awful time for everybody, but dealing with this at a time when we could not have the help and support of our friends and family made it much harder.

Mum was Dad’s carer, trying to provide everything that he needed whilst dealing herself with the upset of losing her husband.

We knew that Dad did not have long left when the nurses were providing his care. They were incredible. They gave Mum the time to be with Dad in his last few days and weeks whilst they provided all the care he needed.

The nurses at Mary Ann continued through the COVID-19 pandemic like nothing was happening in the outside world. They were always just a phone call away when we needed them or if Dad needed more medication.

The Rapid Response team were always so efficient, and the Care Support Team came twice a day without fail. They turned up with smiles on their faces, nothing was ever too much trouble, they managed to make Dad smile and treated him with dignity and respect.

Even near the end, they would always come into the room and talk directly to Dad and making sure his hair was brushed. The Mary Ann team were always there to listen to us, advise us and we knew that the care he was receiving was the best.

Supporting the whole family

Mary Ann were support for our whole family during the worst of times. Even after his passing, they were a constant support to Mum with bereavement counselling. Mum stopped the service for a short while, but when she decided to go back, the team were there for her, ready to restart the sessions.

They always offered this support to the whole family if we ever needed it and just knowing they were there was amazing!!

The marathon was my chance to give back and hopefully gives others in the local area the amazing support and care we received; they survive as a charity on donations!”


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